Burnett Park in Fort Worth, Texas USA

Burnett Park in Fort Worth offers a kid-friendly atmosphere. Located north of Dallas' downtown area, Burnet Park is perfect for families with small children. The park has features such as an easy walk-through system, child-friendly landscaping, and playgrounds. Fort Worth's largest park, it was created in 1963. With its vast grounds and two baseball stadiums, it is one of the city's most popular locations. With its beautiful landscapes and numerous attractions, it is considered one of the city's top outdoor recreational destinations.

Burnett Park in Fort Worth

A walk through the park will provide a glimpse into early Texas pioneer life. The park features different areas for playing and strolling through nature. It also boasts of several picnic parks and playgrounds. For the more energetic ones, a kid-friendly miniature golf course is also available.

Burnet Park features a simple landscape, perfect for strolling around or sitting at a picnic table. The park is designed mostly with a square shape. This design gave birth to a wide selection of landscaped areas. In addition to the main park, there are other smaller parks located across the street. These parks feature pathways, artworks, kid-friendly playgrounds, and other attractions.

A trip to the playground of the park will give you an exciting opportunity to observe the park's vast grounds. It offers different landscapes like a grassy plain, a natural drainage ditch, as well as hardscapes composed of pine trees and brush-covered prairie. In addition to the landscapes, the park has kid-friendly amenities like swings, monkey bars, chalkboards, art easels, as well as bike paths. There are also opportunities to kayak and canoe on the lakes located nearby. Another kid-friendly feature found here is the petting zoo.

For a family with small kids, there are several options for entertainment. A playground is located in another part of the park. It features climbing frames, monkey bars, slides, and playhouses. Another option here is the Sandbox, a place where kids can run, climb, crawl, and roll. It is also where you can visit pet shops, visit different shops, learn about different animals, or simply sit and relax watching your kids play.

Not only does the park have different playgrounds, but it also has a water fountain and other water features. Other than the kid's activities, the park also has nature walks that are ideal for parents who want to get away from the noisy hubbub of the city. Moreover, the park has a pavilion that serves as a restaurant. The menu is mainly vegetarian but features some kid-friendly dishes. The restaurant offers some kid-friendly food items, and the menu changes depending on the time of the year. You can get fried chicken, strawberry milkshakes, and other items.

There is also a concession stand operated by Big Tex that features hot dogs, hamburgers, chili dogs, nachos, popcorn, and juice. Kids will surely love their choice of food. However, the Concession Stand has limited food options; if you wish to go home with something different, you can choose from the other options available at the park. You can also visit the Loaf Store and pick up some fun snacks, souvenirs, toys, and books.

When you visit this park, make sure you bring a camera. Something amazing happens when you take photographs of these attractions. You suddenly realize that they are so much more than what you expected. So, it would be a good idea to come here every now and then to capture memories of your vacation. If you ever get the chance to go to a place like this one, it is always worth the effort to capture that perfect picture.

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